Sod installation

Laying new sod to create a stunning lawn is both an art and a science, and
GreatScapes Design has perfected both. The sod and turf we use is of the highest
quality and we offer a variety of different grasses: Bermuda, the most hardy of
all can be planted in sunny areas using sod or seed. Fescue turf can be seeded in
early spring or fall, and winter. It stays green year round, but needs to be placed in
shady areas. Heavy irrigation is recommended. The Georgia heat can be too much
if planted in direct sun. It also needs yearly aeration and over seeding. Zoysia sod
can be planted almost anytime of the year and can be cut to the lowest, giving it
that “putting green” look. It is a beautiful grass when properly maintained with a
reel mower. Whatever style you choose, we here at GreatScapes Design will ensure
that your new lawn will be installed with expertise and maintained, if desired, to
keep it healthy and beautiful year round.

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